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Have a safe and happy holiday season.


Greens are Closed until Spring – Temps are Available

Greens are closed. The sign on the first tee says it all. However, the course is open, but the greens are off-limit.

Jan. 6 - As of Jan. 5, all of Hatherly's regular greens are closed until spring. Temporary greens have been created 20 or so yards in front of each regular green.
    According to golf course superintendent Rich Caughey, staying off the real greens during the winter reduces the risk of potential damage at a time of year when the type of grasses that make up the surface of the greens can be highly susceptible to damage and unable to repair themselves.
    "We close the greens prevent wear injury – a condition that develops into thinning of desirable grasses. If this should occur, the greens in the spring become highly susceptible to a variety of weed grasses that establish quickly in those wear spots," Rich explained.
    And, the greens become especially vulnerable when winter temperatures briefly rise above freezing. "Walking on the greens after a brief daytime thaw can damage roots and the putting surface itself during periodic freeze/thaw cycles that take place during the winter," Rich added.
    Rich noted that in the "2014 golf season, the greens became available for play on March 28 and stayed open until Jan. 5, 2015 — 279 days.

The Handicap Season Has Ended – Can I Still Post Scores?
Nov. 15 - Now that the 2014 handicap season has officially ended here in Massachusetts (the 2014 handicap season came to a close in the Bay State on November 14), can I still post scores during the winter?
    For the answer go to: What Can I Post Now?



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