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Easter Brunch, Sunday, April 20.


Golf Course Update: Bunkers, Rest Rooms, Practice Areas
April 17 - There is a lot taking place on the golf course and Superintendent Rich Caughey has offered a rundown on what's going on.
      The greenside bunkers on the first hole have been "shaped" and are ready for sand and sod. The drainage trenches around the green are also ready for sod — all of which is scheduled to be completed next week.
      Newly installed sod will take a minimum of two weeks to take root, Rich noted. In addition . . . please see full story:
» Golf Course Update

Delayed Opening of the Snackery
April 17 - The recent cold, wet weather conditions has limited vehicular access to the Snackery for stocking inventory and supplies. As a result, the opening of the facility's food and beverage service is now scheduled for Wednesday, April 23.

Check Pro Shop for Cart Use
April 17 - Members should check with the Pro Shop on the availability of carts. Some areas on the golf course remain very wet.

Spring-like? Looking more like a scene from December, the 2nd green and approach area on Wednesday are covered with ice and slush after Tuesday night's storm.

Greens Get First Cut of the Season and Seasonal Applications
Friday, April 11 - In anticipation of warmer temps forecast for this weekend and beyond, Hatherly's greens crew made their first cuts to the greens this morning. The crew has also been performing early-spring maintenance to the greens geared towards stimulating healthy growth.

Turf Doctors. Dedicated crew member Lou Rugani and Assistant Superintendent Greg Caron apply turf colorant to the 18th green, speeding up recovery from Snow Mold infection.

“This winter we had some snow mold activity throughout the course including our putting greens,” said golf course superintendent Rich Caughey. “Snow mold becomes active during long periods of snow cover which we experienced this past winter. Fortunately the majority of snow mold on the greens is cosmetic with damage to the turf blade not the root or crown of the plant.”
      “Recovering from snow mold requires warmer temps, light fertilization, along with turf colorants which will help the plants absorb more ultraviolet rays. Turf colorants help turf and soil warm up quicker — sort of like a black car absorbs heat on a sunny day — accelerating the recovery process,” Rich explained.

Get Involved with Greens Maintenance – Repair Ball Marks
Repairing ball marks on the greens is critical at all times during the season. “If a ball mark is repaired immediately, it only takes a day or two for the small area of turf to heal,” Rich pointed out. “Conversely, if a ball mark is left unrepaired, the healing process may take up to 15 days or more to completely repair itself.”
      Rich also noted that an unrepaired ball mark leaves an opening in the turf which in turn allows annual blue grass — also known as “poa” — to establish itself in the damaged area.
      So please, do your part, if you create a ball mark or see one on a green, repair it and help keep Hatherly's greens smooth and healthy.

Irrigation Systems
Start-up of the irrigation system has been slow due to 19 broken sprinkler heads and several significant leaks on the inside eight holes, Rich reported. In addition, work on holes 5 through 14 is ongoing and the system should be up and running by the end of next week.

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